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OpenVMS Training

National Class Calendar
Check out our open enrollment calendar for easy planning. And remember, if you donít see what you need there, CONTACT US!

Not sure what class you need? Check out our recommended OpenVMS tracks! There are 5 tracks from which to choose:

When we say our OpenVMS trainers are world-class, we mean it. Our staff travels the world educating our clientsí staff people and carrying out performance tune-ups and other consulting services on client systems. When your instructor tells you he or she was in Dublin last week, it could have been the city in Ohio OR Ireland!

The key to Open VMS Training Groupís quality in training is courseware and courses developed by senior level instructors who have real world experience. Our people bring valuable real-world experience to the classroom. Our courseware was developed for long term usability in real situations. Not only will it assist you in the learning process, but you will find it a handy reference manual when you return to your job.

We offer a variety of classes:

  • Open enrollment OpenVMS certification classes
  • Advanced OpenVMS topics
  • Specially designed OpenVMS classes and courseware
  • Custom classes set up to your specific needs
  • Onsite versions of OpenVMS classes

As active, in-the-field consultants who are Certified Partners with both HP and Microsoft, we bring you the knowledge base and practical perspective on course material that you donít get just anywhere!

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OpenVMS Training

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